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Derived from the content material of the revered McGraw-Hill Dictionary of medical and Technical phrases, 6th variation, each one identify presents hundreds of thousands of definitions of phrases and words encountered in a selected self-discipline. All contain: * Pronunciation advisor for each time period * Acronyms, cross-references, and abbreviations * Appendices with conversion tables; listings of medical, technical, and mathematical notation; tables of proper information; and extra * A handy, quick-find structure (20031001)

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A¨rиkə nı¯t } Archaeoceti [PALEON] The zeuglodonts, a suborder of aquatic Eocene mammals in the order Cetacea; the oldest known cetaceans. { a¨rkиe¯иə se¯ tı¯ } Archaeocidaridae [PALEON] A family of Carboniferous echinoderms in the order Cidaroida characterized by a flexible test and more than two columns of interambulacral plates. { a¨rkиe¯иə sə darиə de¯ } Archaeocopida [PALEON] An order of Cambrian crustaceans in the subclass Ostracoda characterized by only slight calcification of the carapace.

Arиə¦zo¯nиə ru¨иbe¯ } arizonite [MINERAL] Fe2Ti3O9 A steel-gray mineral containing iron and titanium and found in irregular masses in pegmatite. [PETR] A dike rock composed of mostly quartz, some orthoclase, and accessory mica and apatite. { arиə zo¯ nı¯t } Arkansas stone [PETR] A variety of novaculite quarried in Arkansas. { a¨rиkən so˙ sto¯n } arkite [PETR] A feldspathoid-rich rock consisting largely of pseudoleucite and nepheline, subordinate melanite and pyroxene, and accessory orthoclase, apatite, and sphene.

Akиwə fyu¨j } Aquitanian [GEOL] Lower lower Miocene or uppermost Oligocene geologic time. { akиwə ta¯nиe¯иən } aquitard [GEOL] A bed of low permeability adjacent to an aquifer; may serve as a storage unit for groundwater, although it does not yield water readily. { akиwə ta¨rd } Aquod [GEOL] A suborder of the soil order Spodosol, with a black or dark brown horizon just below the surface horizon; seasonally wet, it occupies depressions or wide flats from which water cannot escape easily. { akиwəd } Aquoll [GEOL] A suborder of the soil order Mollisol, with thick surface horizons; formed under wet conditions, it may be under water at times, but is seasonally rather than continually wet.

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