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By F. M. Macdonald, V. M. Lingard (auth.), F. M. Macdonald, V. M. Lingard (eds.)

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Alamine oxide A-00071 A/am 0 [39421-48-2] Liq. anion-exchanger. Used as a soln. in CHC1 3 for extraction-separation of Co, Cu, Fe, Pu, U. Oily liq. Sol. C6 H 6 , CHC1 1; insol. H 20. Product of oxidation of Alamine 336S. Kennedy, J. eta/. J. Inorg. Nucl. , 1964, 26, 601. R. eta/, J. J. eta/, Fresenius' Z. Anal. , 1978, 289, 358 (use, Co, Cu, Fe) Alamine 336 A-00072 Liq. anion exchanger; a mixt. of C 8-C 10 straight chain tertiary amines. Used as a 1-10% soln. in xylene for extraction of actinides and transition metals.

C 6H 6). Sol. C6 H 6, EtOAc; insol. HzO, Me 2CO. Mp 202-203°. M. eta/, Zh. Anal. formazandiy[)bis( 1,2-dihydro-1 ,5-dimethyl2-phenyl-3H-pyrazol-3-one), 9Cl. 1-(4-Antipyrinylazo)-1-(4antipyrinylhydrazino)-2-propanone. 532 Used as lmM soln. in 25% EtOH for photometric detn. 4). Dark red needles (EtOH). Sol. EtOH; sl. sol. HzO. Mp 130° dec. pK. 25 (I% EtOH). 288 (S)-form [69975-68-4] L-form Chromogenic substrate for histochemical demonstration of ester proteases. Cryst. (Et 20). Mp 105°. lshizuki, T.

Anthranol fast black SE. C. I. 282 Used as SmM soln. in aq. EtOH for photometric detn. max 442 nm, 1: 35800). Cryst. (MeOH). Sol. common org. solvs. Mp 175°. A. 517 Strictly the name Acid alizarin black SE refers to the sodium salt. 1% soln. in 2% NaCI soln. 5, colour change purple->blue). Dark blue cryst. powder. Sol. H 20; sl. sol. EtOH. A-00048 hydroxyphenyl)-1(3H)isobenzofuraaone, 9CI Belcher, R. ct a/, Chernist-Analvst, 1958, 47, 2; CA, 58, 9850h. A. eta/, Anal. Chirn. Acta, 1960, 23, 261.

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