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By Peter M. H. Kroneck, Walter G. Zumft (auth.), Niels Peter Revsbech, Jan Sørensen (eds.)

The formation of atmospheric nitrogen fuel through denitrifying micro organism could characterize an important nutrient sink in traditional ecosystems. the speed of denitrification has frequently been tricky to degree in situ, although, and new methodologies should still stimulate examine on distribution of task in area and time. the burden of fertilizer nitrogen in modem agriculture has ended in expanding nutrient reservoirs in recipient subsoils, aquifers, inland waters and coastal seas. via its conversion of nitrate to atmospheric nitrogen, bacterial denitrification is the single organic procedure to in all likelihood decrease the influence of accelerating nutrient loadings by means of fertilizer nitrogen within the setting. As a part of a systematic software arrange by way of the Danish Ministry of atmosphere to check setting biking of nitrogen, phosphorous and natural subject (NPO application) within the mild of agricultural, family and commercial actions, a symposium on DENITRIFICATION IN SOIL AND SEDIMENT used to be held on the college of Aarhus, Denmark from 6-9 June 19i\9. at the foundation of lectures given on the symposium, this booklet incorporates a variety of invited contributions at the legislation of denitrification job (control of enzyme synthesis and task) and dimension of in situ premiums of denitrification in terrestrial and aquatic environments (control elements, diel and differences due to the season, etc). Emphasis has been put on together with the new advancements in methodologies and present knowing of technique law, but the booklet additionally includes examples of built-in study at the importance of denitrification in environmental nutrient cycling.

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Tiedje, R. Hausinger, and B. Averill, unpublished data). The pi of P. , 1976) and from P. 85 (Newton, 1969). All cd 1-dNirs have cytochrome oxidase activity, although this is presumably not their main physiological function since the ~ for 0 2 is high relative to other cytochrome oxidases, and NO; is a much better substrate for the enzyme than 0 2 (Sawhney and Nicholas, 1978). There are two forms of Cu-dNir distinguished by characteristic EPR signals from their Cu centers. One form has both type I and type II copper centers, the 23 Table 2.

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