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By Andy Lane, Justin Richards

This ebook is a suite of ten associated tales that includes all seven Doctors--and spanning all of human historical past. It follows the winning culture of the former books within the Decalog sequence.

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The Doctor picked one of the beautiful violet flowers and arranged it in the buttonhole of his jacket. He smiled. ”’ And Jo returned his smile and nodded. ‘The universe unfolds as it should, Doctor,’ she said, and he raised an eyebrow in mild surprise that she should so quickly have learnt a lesson it had taken him this many centuries to understand. They did not linger. The Doctor made his way back to the TARDIS as Jo drew the blank-faced domino from the pocket of her jeans and, in a symbolic gesture, tossed it high into the air as she turned her back and followed the Doctor inside.

On Earth, I’ve been Scott Wojzek. And Jonathan Kendrick. And Jennifer Bendick. And Mary Jones. So many fascinating people. ’ He stirred his coffee contemplatively. ‘I’ve been trying to escape this dreary world for thirty years. I stumbled here after an aeon of incorporeal wandering, following a thread of meaning across the Universe, tracking a sense of belonging that wasn’t mine. 45 But which would bring me to the one who cast me into my eremitic oblivion. ‘In my weak and delirious moment of arrival, I took on human form.

We spoke to him on the phone twice in three months. We heard about his. . ’ At this point, she had started to cry softly, and Sarah had looked at her own hands, awkward at the grief. ’ ‘Work changes you,’ said Katy brusquely. Sarah abruptly surfaced from her memories. Katy was reaching over the table, collecting the crockery and placing it with exaggerated precision onto a bronze tray. ‘It changed me, SJ. I used to go home from college every weekend, d’you remember? ’ Sarah snorted. ’ ‘Work changed you, Sarah,’ Katy continued regardless, moving into her kitchen.

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