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By Sherrilyn Kenyon

SHERRILYN KENYON-Shadow of the Moon-Angelia has fought her whole existence to make herself powerful. Now, along with her patria below fireplace, she has to guard her humans from Fury and his werewolf extended family. Vowing to convey him to justice, Angelia units out alone-until t

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But with every step he took, his long-buried memories burned through him. He went back in time to a woman who had once been his entire world. Not his lover or relative, she'd been his best friend. Angelia. And in one heartbeat, when his brother had told his clan what he really was, she'd not only betrayed her sacred promise to him, she'd tried to kill him. He could still feel the bite of her knife as she drove it in to the hilt—the scar was still jagged on his chest just inches from his heart. The truth was, she hadn't really missed that organ.

Someone shouted, causing the human patrons to panic as they ran for the door. Angelia caught Fury by his throat. " Dare snapped, as he tried to wring his hand out of Fury's. Fury refused to let go of Dare's hand. If he did, the bastard would shoot him with whatever he'd used on the lions. Angelia wrapped her arm around his throat, choking him. " Before he could answer, all three of them were thrown apart. Fury tried to get up, but someone had them pinned down with one hell of a forcefield. Growling, he struck out with his powers in anger.

At least Dare he understood. The punk had always been jealous of him. From the earliest memory of his childhood, Dare had been there, trying to push him out their mother's affections. But Lia had been his best friend. Closer than siblings or even lovers. She'd blood-promised to stand at his back for eternity. Then the very moment Dare had exposed his secret, she had turned on him, too. For that alone he could kill her. Even so, he had to admit she still dazzled him. Her long black hair was shiny and soft.

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