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The social sciences are the reflective side of the complex organizations that despoil traditional culture and move towards hegemony over popular culture. Life is becoming void of spontaneous content, sucked dry of vitality by the technosphere. Desire is not what we feel from within, but calculated suggestion. Here Dumont is a profound critic and diagnostician, but he has for a therapeutic only the recovery of a past already spoliated. He counts on the historian to graft a dead root onto the tree of life and to make that root live.

Z’organisation soci’ale; and 3. Zechangementsocial) to the extent that they provide no indication at all of the rupture with conventional sociology which this work anticipates, but which is, curiously enough, signalled by the subtitle of all three volumes: Regards SW la re;zlite’JociaZe. For what Rocher is after is the critical reconstitution and transformation of the sociological tradition itself. Refusing thepragmatic subordination of so much of American sociology and the productivist subordination of orthodox Marxian analysis, Rocher’s sociological imagination seeks simultaneously to comprehend the logic and dynamics of actual social reality (technocratic society), and then to find a way by which Quebec might move beyond the poles of tradition and technocracy.

We only come to raise 40 Culture Critique the question of the sense of the whole because we have been horribly frustrated by all of the parts. Or, the search for a sense to the whole is a compensation for a life that has tasted its own failure and knows that the contents of concrete and finite life are inadequate to gaping want. The long cry into a boundless night sounds out the judgment of our failure. The study of the articulations of that cry with the goal of redemption from the agony of the profane is what Pascal called a diversion.

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