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In the traditional Greece of Pericles and Plato, the polis, or city-state, reigned preferrred, yet by the point of Alexander, approximately half the mainland Greek city-states had surrendered a part of their autonomy to affix the bigger political entities known as koina. within the first booklet in fifty years to take on the increase of those so-called Greek federal states, Emily Mackil charts a posh, attention-grabbing map of ways shared spiritual practices and long-standing financial interactions faciliated political cooperation and the emergence of a brand new type of kingdom. Mackil offers a close historic narrative spanning 5 centuries to contextualize her analyses, which specialise in the 3 best-attested parts of mainland Greece—Boiotia, Achaia, and Aitolia. The research is supported by means of a file of Greek inscriptions, every one textual content observed through an English translation and commentary.

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It does not help us to understand what the Greeks thought a koinon really was. Cf. Funke 1998. The demonstration that particular ancient authors detected what we can see as fundamental political principles of the koinon, like the division of authority between polis and koinon, and the extension of the political power of a koinon by means of the integration of new member poleis (Beck 2001), is more productive. 12. Thus for many years the biggest debate about the Achaian federal state has been the composition of its assemblies: Aymard 1938; Larsen 1955: 165–88 and 1972; Giovannini 1969; F.

Sidelong glances will nevertheless be taken on occasion at other cases where the evidence is particularly rich or clear and seems for that reason to shed light on murkier hints in the evidence for our central case studies. 8. Bintliff 1999; Bintliff, Howard, and Snodgrass 2007; Morgan and Hall 1996; Petropoulos and Rizakis 1994; Funke 1987, 1991. 9. See Freitag 2000: 309–406 on the interactions and mobility facilitated by the Gulf of Corinth. 10. Graninger 2011 appeared too late for proper consultation.

R. Parker 2009: 187 on synoikism and sympolity. 19. Morgan 1991, 2003; J. M. Hall 1997, 2002; McInerney 1999; Malkin 2001; Derks and Roymans 2009. 20. Roussel 1976 is an early move in this direction, focused on the genē, phratries, and phylai of Attica but incorporating material from other poleis. Achaia: Morgan and Hall 1996; Morgan 2002. Aitolia: Antonetti 1987a, 1990; Antonetti and Cavalli 2004. Boiotia: Larson 2007; Kühr 2006a, b. 21. ; Koerner 1974: 476; Grainger 1999: 29. 23 A sense of group identity will certainly have contributed to a sentiment of belonging and perhaps enhanced a community’s basic willingness to participate in a larger state that would incorporate all members of that group.

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