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This is often the 1st prolonged examine written in the framework of phonological executive. Following the presentation of major points of this conception, the method of vowel-zero alternations is addressed and analyzed including the concept that phonological methods are decided by means of rules of common Grammar in addition to parameters that distinguish languages. Vowel-zero alternations are investigated when it comes to right govt of empty nuclei, which obtain no phonetic interpretation while competently ruled. Dr. Charette additionally considers the restrictions on right govt, and argues for his or her derivation because of clash between varied grammatical parameters.

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Bearing in mind that the theory of government seeks to derive phonological processes from government, the theory must allow government between constituents which are not adjacent at every level. This third type of government is similar to interconstituent government since it involves relations between constituents. Because only the nucleus can govern another constituent head, this type of government is restricted to governing relations between nuclei. In other words, the theory proposes another type of government which involves nuclei which are not adjacent at every level, but which are adjacent at a level called the level of nuclear projection.

The words given in (9b) show that a word-final schwa is phonetically manifested under certain circumstances. It is phonetically realized before words beginning with an /z-aspire and in compounds where the second term is phonetically monosyllabic. A comparison of the forms 42 Earlier treatments of schwa given in (9a) with those in (9b) leads to the conclusion that word-final schwas alternate with zero. (9) Dell's facts a. b. Without schwa quelle outre petite auto porte-manteau garde-malade [kelutr] [potitoto] [portmato] [gardmalad] 'what water-skin 'small car' 'coat holder' 'nurse' With schwa3 quelle housse petite hausse porte-clefs ouvre-boite [ketaus] [ptiteos] [portekle] [uvrsbwat] 'what dust-cover 'small raise' 'keyring' 'can-opener' Moreover, the alternation of schwa with zero is not restricted to word-final position.

According to Dell, a schwa is present in the representation of the first word but not in the latter: caneton: /kanaton/ [kanto]; canton: /kanton/ [kato]. 4 To summarize, the main features of Dell's analysis are that it provides a comprehensive description of the facts and serves as a basis for explaining other phonological phenomena present in French. Note also that a strong claim is made. 5 I will come back to this proposal later. 1 Problems with Dell's analysis The problems raised by Dell's insightful analysis can be traced back to the SPE framework.

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