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By Jurgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno

Little clinical research has been directed towards the camp Lublin-Majdanek in important Poland, although orthodox Holocaust resources declare that among 50,000 and over 1000000 Jews have been murdered there. until eventually the looks of focus Camp Majdanek, the single works on Majdanek have been authored through historians serving or informed below Poland’s communist regime. Mattogno and Graf have stuffed this evident examine hole with a huge research that expertly dissects and repudiates the parable of homicidal gasoline chambers at Majdanek. in response to exhaustive learn of the first assets and of the actual remainders of the previous focus camp, this booklet moves a demise blow to the lie of homicidal gassings at Majdanek. The authors’ investigations result in unambiguous and unsparing conclusions concerning the actual background and the particular functioning of the camp which completely wreck the respectable theses with no excusing the abuses tolerated by means of Majdanek’s wartime commanders. With focus Camp Majdanek, Mattogno and Graf have once more produced a cautious, methodical investigative paintings that units the traditional for all different remedies of Majdanek.

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The Jews who were brought to Majdanek on November 3 from labor camps in the Lublin region and who were killed together with the Jewish inmates must also be counted among the victims of these death transports. g) Seventh Phase (December 1943 – March 1944) The number of those deported to Majdanek during this time approximates 40,500. For security reasons the SS sent no more Polish inmates to Majdanek after December 24, 1943, except for those from towns in the vicinity of Lublin. They were some 5,600 in number.

119 T. Berenstein, A. Rutkowski, op. cit. (note 115), p. 17. 120 Z. LeszczyĔska, op. cit. (note 110), pp. 181-183. 118 49 J. Graf, C. Mattogno, Concentration Camp Majdanek that year, in other words with an actual document. Regarding the transport of January 5 the author states that it is “known” to have included several hundred persons, but she neglects to tell us the source from which this is known. Her “assumption” that each of the nine transports included at least 200 people is also not documented.

Concurrently, Polish prisoners arrived in Majdanek almost on a daily basis. A total of 110 transports of Polish inmates have been documented for this period. In June and July the number of inmates in the camp reached its highest point. Finally, the trains from the East, crowded with White Russians, Russians and Ukrainians, also continued. f) Sixth Phase (September – November 1943) During these three months the Lublin camp took in 24,800 prisoners. , again Ukrainians, White Russians and Russians) made up the largest group, with 11,600.

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