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The engineering work to reduce and integrate operations can thus be prioritized and alternative approaches such as sub-contract manufacture explored. 7 Basic building blocks of structured models: (a) functional models, (b) information models (Open University, 1986, by permission) Manufacturing database Engineering product structure database Sales orders Proposed design Vendor information J I f f ? Plan for manufacture Preliminary master schedule 1L, A1 Resource plans Proposed fabrication plans Production estimates Master schedule Master schedules Draw up schedules and budgets Product cost Production Resource A2 Resource plans Proposed fabrication plans Shop status Manufacturing budgets and budget schedule budgets ~7 Performance reports Resource requirements Plan fabrication A3 Time standards Fabrication plan t t t Control production A4 (a) Proposed design change Shop Fabrication plan Production schedule Manufacturing database Release schedule performance Shop Manufacturing budgets Part priority ¥ f Adjust release schedule Resource availability Production release order Release A41 schedule Hot list t t t Work package Release work package A 42 Resource availability Hot list Part priority Proposed design change M M ?

Process flow diagrams provide a standardized notation for the representation of manufacturing routes and reveal repetitious or redundant operations and opportunities for process improvements. Coupled with this analysis will be a component routing chart showing the movement of material throughout the plant. An important test of activities revealed by the process charting is whether they are value adding. Waiting time or an inspection operation do not add value though they may be necessary consequences of poor system design.

Computing began presumably with the abacus, but the first digital electronic computers were developed in the 1940s. e. the 'hardware') store data and instruction in 'binary' code, which can be represented as strings of bits (Binary digiTs) with values of 1 or 0 (hence 'digital' as opposed to 'analogue' computers, analogue meaning continuously variable). The speed of switching between the 1 and 0 states, and the size of the switch (valve or transistor), is an important difference between the generations of computers.

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