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The improvement of a learn, educating, or program of aggressive (economic) intelligence calls for a strategic and transverse vision in regards to related concerns. it truly is necessary to combine the function of culture when analyzing effects, both from the educational of a expert or in appreciate to a rustic or area. The authors of this publication, individuals of a professional team supported through the CNRS in France, convey all in their abilities jointly to create a finished e-book that does simply this and extra.

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8. Watcher information practices The element contains different objects sought after by the watcher. More often than not, this concerns a specific piece of information or the object containing this information (or an information network). To continue using the previous example, to provide a value for the attribute “sales”, the research object may be “the sales figures of competitor X”, but also “the register of commerce”, “a telephone number for Paul (a college friend who works for X)”, “open-access financial portals”, “issue Y of review Z”, and so on.

Decision making starts with the adoption or construction of a decision strategy, followed by controlled progress until the decision is made. It is therefore essential for any organization, institution, or government to define and attain strategic means of reinforcing the decision process. This work aims to design and develop user-centered methods for knowledge management (KM) to assist in tactical and strategic decisions concerning processes in organizations. Competitive intelligence (CI) emerged as a specialized domain offering tactical and strategic processes for decision making.

Histogram showing the number of appearances of each tag in the corpus A second problem concerns the “cleaning” of some data fields, which are not important for our purposes. 7). This information, while useful in gaining a picture of particular social networks, is a hindrance when trying to identify research teams and their interactions. A filter may be used in this case to remove superfluous information. It is also possible to look only at this information or at the links between these individuals and the authors.

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