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By Agamemnon Despopoulos, S. Silbernagl, S. O'Neal Wandrey

This fifth variation has been completely revised by way of content material and association of the didactic fabric; just about all of the color illustrations were drawn anew for more advantageous readability. The large introductory bankruptcy makes a speciality of elements of cytophysiology. a result of significantly improved textual content and greater illustrative fabric, practical connections are simply well-known; new options and present advances in study are taken absolutely into consideration.

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M–2 ! s–1]. 6] The quantity of substance (net) diffused per unit area and time is therefore proportional to ∆C and P (Ǟ E, blue line with slope P). When considering the diffusion of gases, ∆C in Eq. 4 is replaced by α· ∆P (solubility coefficient times partial pressure difference; . Ǟ p. 126) and Jdiff [mol ! s–1] by Vdiff [m3! s–1]. k · α · D is then summarized as diffusion conductance, or Krogh’s diffusion coefficient K [m2 ! s–1 ! Pa–1]. Substitution into Fick’s first diffusion equation yields .

1 Brownian particle movement (~T) 2 Passive transport O2 PO2 Gas O2 O2 3 PO2 profile O2 PO2 0 PO2 Slope=gradient = dP/dx P X x Water P 0 x Distance from O2 source (x) B. 10 1 Passive Transport by Means of Diffusion I A. Diffusion in homogeneous media Space b Ca Gradient Cb Pore a Cb C ∆x Space a Membrane Space b Ca – Cb =∆C C. Diffusion through lipid membranes 1 Hydrophilic substance X (k <1) 5 nm CXa Gradient Water Lipid membrane Gradient CY a CX Water k= 2 Hydrophobic substance Y (k >1) b Water Lipid membrane CY b Water Equilibrium concentration in olive oil Equilibrium concentration in water 21 (Partly after S.

Pi ADP3– Carrier Pi + ADP3– ATP synthetase H2 O + ATP 4– e– a Enzyme complexes of respiratory chain H+ H+ Intermembranous space Cytoplasm Transport In, Through and Between Cells I A. Ca2+ transport through the ER membrane H+ H+ H+ H+ ATP H+ H + b ATP 4– H+ c H+ 2+ Ca Porins Despopoulos, Color Atlas of Physiology © 2003 Thieme All rights reserved. Usage subject to terms and conditions of license. 17 1 Fundamentals and Cell Physiology ̈ united to form a close electrical and metabolic unit (syncytium), as is present in the epithelium, many smooth muscles (singleunit type, Ǟ p.

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