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By Professor Dr. med. Michael Böhm, Professor Dr. med. Erland Erdmann (auth.), Professor Dr. med. Erland Erdmann, Professor Dr. med. Gerhard Riecker (eds.)

Pathophysiology, clinics and whole diagnostics of middle failure are the necessities of this publication. intimately healing equipment akin to treatment with glycoides, diuretics, ACE inhibitors and extra probabilities are mentioned. additionally the most recent facets at the molecular foundation of center failure are said. This e-book is for day-by-day table reference and for studying and instructing purposes.

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G. 2 Regulation of the Contractile Force 100 200 [beats/min] 530 Fig. 13. Original woodcut from the work of Bowditch (1871), which shows the generated force (Zeft 1, 2, 3) at different stimulation frequencies (100, 200, 530 contractions/min, lower edge of figure). The heart muscle preparations stimulated with high er frequencies developed a high er contractile force, and the decrease in force over time was less pronounced in these preparations (after Bowditch 1871) calcium sequestration, can lead to a rise in the diastolic tension development at high frequencies and to areduction of the developed force (see below).

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1993; NÄBAUER et al. 1993). Thus, obviously due to a change in repolarizing calcium flows, a prolongation of the action potential occurs, which might be of considerable importance for the relaxation dis order in severe heart failure. • Functional Importance. Both the delayed calcium sequestration from the cytosol to the sarcoplasmic reticulum and the prolongation of the action potential can bring about considerable changes in the contractility and relaxation of the heart in heart failure. g. cardiac glycosides), a progressive prolongation of the contraction occurs and thus diastolic dysfunction (SCHWINGER et al.

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