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Salmon 1984, 4, fig. 2; Whitbread 1995, figs. 33. 31 KILNS IN ART AND LITERATURE _____________________________________________ Museum). 5 No architectural remains were recorded, and the mention of some fragmentary Archaic "terra-cottas" refer most likely to terracotta figurines rather than to architectural rooftiles. Many of the plaque fragments join and so far more than 1,000 plaques have been restored. Three quarters of this group have decoration on only one side; the remainder are decorated on both sides (I will call them two-sided), usually with a different orientation of the scene on each side.

Even excavators devoted little attention to their proper excavation and the preservation of kiln sites. 8). A welcome surprise is the excellent preservation of a large tile kiln at the Tile Works at ancient Corinth, excavated in 1940, which is protected and still visible under a permanent roof (65). 44 A few sociological works focused on the social status of 42 Schram and Wolf (1999) used an experimental kiln (built according to medieval prototypes) and fired a brick with Lawson cypress and another one with lime/hazel as fuel.

32 Kardos et al. 1985. 33 Wagner et al. 1986. 16 17 INTRODUCTION _____________________________________________ PERIOD TEMPERATURE 750-800 >800 NEOLITHIC LOCATION BIBLIOGRAPHY Mandalo, Pella (northern Greece) Youni 1996 Meroussis and Ioannidou 1999 BRONZE AGE 850> <1000°C Mandalo, Pella >950 Mandalo, Pella <880°C Myrtos, Crete Warren 1972 EMIII-MMI WHITE-ONDARK WARE 1050-1100°C Crete MacGillivray 1987 MBA 950-1100°C IRON AGE >900°C De•irmentepe Türkmeno•lu 1996 GEOMETRIC 850-1100°C Naxos Grimanis et al.

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