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By Andre Norton

Listed below are all-new stories approximately these magical, mysterious dominators of humankind: the cats! go back to the cats' looking flooring with this 3rd choice of tales. Twenty fur-flying fantasies are certain to catch the hearts of cat enthusiasts in every single place.

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She had a huge flower stuck behind one ear and a short faded skirt made from tough papery stuff. The muffled sound of sails flapping made me look back across the lagoon to the stranded ship. The Dolphin was not only stuck on the coral reef, but had become the object of attention of many brown-skinned men in sailing skiffs. I felt a surge of alarm, not only for my mother and siblings, but for the Dolphin's crew as well. They might have been an ill-mannered, unappreciative lot, but their ship was the only home I'd ever known.

Anyone left alive soon starves to death. It is a pretty wretched business, Pifare. " I asked. "I suppose that a band of warriors from this district will try to fight off the invaders, but they will either be killed or have to flee to the mountains with everyone else. We haven't had much success against this chief in the past," Mahui added. "I don't think this time will be any different. " Mahui might accept such a thing, but I could not. I don't know if it was the cat in me or the European, but I refused to abandon my bright and sunny Rori to such a fate.

I can't make decisions, and I can't even be responsible for myself anymore. " "I think you need to," said Nessa softly, but she didn't press it. I know what to do, thought Tarberry as he felt the tears seep through his fur to dampen his skin. I can help her, and I can help them. Tarberry's special talent was understanding, hearing in a way few humans or animals could. He could hear Nell's thoughts, and something else—the voice of a man who had loved Nell very much. The voice told him things, and he listened.

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