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By Peter McPhee

A set of poetry, prose and brief fiction by way of authors either recognized and up and coming who played at throughout the first 3 years of the famed Toronto literary competition.

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Wendy Agnew How To MAKE LOVE To AN ANGEL First you lure them down from heaven with promises of goodness and weeping. Then when you feel their feathers are brushing against your face in the dark you sigh and wonder aloud about clouds and vapour and yesterday's icons about the colour blue and greenery and ivy which grows up up to their domain... About Venus and whether they know her and about the sea shell she rides on and have they ever done that and whether they were there when Zeus changed himself to a swan and made love 2O Carnival to Leda and is it bad and do their delicate wings wither from sin and is sin red and wine-soaked or is it grey and husky dusky like ashes and nuclear winter.

He too smiled. He radiated good health. It was obvious that he'd never been more cheerful. We both acted perfectly friendly toward each other. He a bit more so than me. There was an edge to my voice that I couldn't hide. The less I said the better. He pointed out that I'd put on some weight. It looks good on you, he said. I felt like I could have stood there on the street all day talking to him without saying anything important and watching people walk past us. However, he was in a hurry. If I could have said anything to him I might have said, thank you.

I went along with it like a little tourist. I'm well, thanks. And you? 2,8 Carnival When we first met I had talked to him a lot at the beginning but it bothered him so I soon gave it up. By the end, nothing. It never occurred to me to reproach him. It wasn't his catastrophe. It was mine. There weren't any words to describe it. I knew it in the finest detail without words. It appeared to me as an image. It was so brightly illuminated that it was agonizing for me to look at. There was nothing I could have said to him then.

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