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By Gao Xingjian

Those six tales through Nobel Prize winner Gao Xingjian delivery the reader to moments the place the fragility of affection and lifestyles, and the haunting strength of reminiscence, are superbly unveiled. In "The Temple," the narrator's acute and mysterious nervousness overshadows the delirious happiness of an day out together with his new spouse on their honeymoon. In "The Cramp," a guy narrowly escapes drowning within the sea, in simple terms to discover that not anyone even spotted his absence. within the identify tale, the narrator makes an attempt to alleviate his homesickness basically to discover that he's misplaced in a labyrinth of youth thoughts. in every single place during this assortment are strong mental pix of characters whose unarticulated hopes and fears betray the unending presence of the previous of their current lives.

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