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But they had all toiled in vain. And then there were others who had regular jobs, and some who were on their way up the ladder, and some who were everlastingly helpless and incorrigibly unfortunate; and some who spent all their time at the cinema, or the Habima and Ohel and Matateh theatres, and who read the weekend supplements of two different papers. And there were others who could lecture you for hours on end about Horace and Isaiah the Prophet and Hayim Nahman Bialik, and even about Shakespeare.

There was not even any satisfaction in hitting him. So it became even more astonishing when the sound of a whistling stick was heard, coming down from somewhere or other on the prisoner's back in an alien, discordant thud; something being done as a thoroughly unpleasant duty. All good and fine. Now came the artillery. The prisoner insisted that the barrels of their cannon were no longer than his arm, starting from the shoulder and finishing at the palm. He demonstrated the size with chopper-like blows of his left hand aimed at the very root of his right shoulder, and then exactly halfway down the right hand; as much as to say, from here to here, saying it devotedly and sacramentally, hitting again and again until he eliminated all doubt; without knowing whether that was enough or whether he would have to go on and on.

This obviated the necessity of counting bodies in order to have "enough" for a war, quibble about the difference between internal and international conflict, and debate about how long or recognized a conflict must be to qualify as a war. When individuals suffer for a political cause, the intensity, severity, and duration of the violence become moot. " Each of these sections is introduced by a short discussion in which plot, structure, and various literary devices used in the stories are analyzed.

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