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By Niklas Luhmann, Humberto R. Maturana, Mikio Namiki, Volker Redder, Francisco Varela

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Vorlagen für die Erstberatung: Band 2: Gesellschaftsrecht- und Erbrecht

Verst? ndlich und zugleich effektiv im Gesellschafts- und Erbrecht beraten wird immer wichtiger. Mit den Vorlagen von Arndt/Heuel ist dies nun m? glich. ? ber 20 klassische Beratungsfelder werden mit den Vorlagen abgedeckt und helfen dem Berater die rechtserheblichen Tatsachen zu finden und daraus steuer- und gesellschaftsrechtliche Auswirkungen abzuleiten.

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Bohr onee mentioned that European physieists eould not aeeepl quantum meehanies withoul some mental diffieulties, while some Japanese physieists seemed to more easily receive it. He might be looking for the reason in cultural differenees. I am nOI yet satisfied by my own thinking about this problem. Here, I must mention two different attitudes towards sciences that I have observed among Japanese scientists. Some scientists want to eultivate their philosophieal background through their seientific works, while others want to do science apart from their spiritual lives.

4. Final remarks Finally, I would like to eonsider East-West relations in seienee from the standpoint of a Japanese. In aneient limes Asia was one of the most important plaees of ereating and supplying advanced seiences and teehnologies to the world. Nevertheless, Asia eould not ereate modem science, while Europe did so beautifully. I think, il is a big mystery in the world that modem seience was not bom and not developed in India or China. Why il was bom only in Europe is really an interesting questioo.

On the other hand, it is also noticed that if the observer deeides to chaose one of both eases and afterword detects the photon by DI (or Du), he ean immediately know the result of deteetion by another detector without explicit observation. w 36 Der 8eobachler - Konvergenz der Etkennblistheorien1 relation between observations by both detectors. We can also see the same kind of long-distance correlation in the cases of the "wave packet reduction" as mentioned above. ActuaUy, if we detect a particle at a point, then we can immediately know that it does not exist at any other place.

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