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By Sing Li, Jonathan Knudsen

Have you ever considered construction video games on your cellular phone or different instant units? no matter if you're a first-time instant Java developer, or an skilled specialist— starting J2ME, 3rd version brings interesting instant and cellular Java program improvement correct for your door!
This booklet will empower you with a number of subject matters: sound HTTPS help, person interface API improvements, sound/music API, a video game API, 3D images, and Bluetooth. additional, this publication is straightforward to learn and contains many sensible, hands-on, and ready-to-use code examples. you won't be disenchanted.

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The trick is to obfuscate the classes before they are preverified. The J2ME Wireless Toolkit includes support for inserting an obfuscator into the build cycle. 2, and you can write adapter code to use other obfuscators. jar file into the toolkit’s bin directory. Then choose Project ➤ Package ➤ Create Obfuscated Package and the toolkit handles all the details. com/techtopics/mobility/midp/ttips/proguard/. ” This guide describes how to add support for any obfuscator to the toolkit. Obfuscators tend to be a little finicky, but once you get them configured correctly, they can provide significant size savings.

Figure 2-4. Jargoneer architecture The new architecture is shown in Figure 2-5. Figure 2-5. A cleaner architecture for Jargoneer Instead of hitting the web server directly, Jargoneer goes through a different server hosted by Apress. This server queries the Jargon File, parses the result, and returns the definition to the device. This is advantageous from several standpoints: CHAPTER 2 ■ BUILDING MIDLETS • Bandwidth is expensive in terms of both time and money. Today’s wireless networks are relatively slow, so less data passing through the air means less waiting time for your users.

No Native Methods Native methods are not supported in CLDC (and, by extension, MIDP). The specification does not support a way to access native device methods from Java. Although the MIDP implementation does, of course, include native methods, they are compiled into the implementation itself. Applications cannot define new native methods. Don’t worry about losing access to platform-specific features, however, because device vendors are likely to implement proprietary APIs in addition to MIDP. For details, check the developer web site of the manufacturer or network carrier of your device.

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