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By Mark E Davis, Keith Tester

This certain and unique assortment by means of across the world popular students makes use of severe engagements with Baumans sociology to spot and higher comprehend the demanding situations that face globalized human societies firstly of the twenty-first century.

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Locality in the dumping grounds is not the locality of ‘local community’. In today’s world of highspeed mobility, locality is not what it used to be when information moved together with the bodies of the carriers. The public spaces of locality in general, and in the dumping grounds more specifically, have been stripped of their power. The public spaces where agendas are set, private concerns made public, opinions are formed, tested and confirmed, judgements are 24 The Use-Value of Human Waste made and verdicts are passed – such spaces followed with the elites, the high-flying tourists, moving far beyond the reach of any territoriality and its residents, and most dramatically beyond the reach of the citizens of the deltas (p.

The state is still very present in the thinking of Virilio, not so in that of Bauman. In fact, this invisibility of the exercise of power through the speed of movements heralds the disintegration of politics as such, at least politics whereby the state can control the exercise of a power that flows beyond their reach and is wielded in the hands of undetectable actors. For Virilio (1986: 14ff) the State’s political power is [t]he polis, the police, in other words highway surveillance, insofar as, since the dawn of the bourgeois revolution, the political discourse has been no more than a series of more or less conscious repetitions of the old communal poliorcetics, confusing social order with the control of traffic (of people, of goods), and revolution, revolt, with traffic jams, illegal parking, multiple crashes, collisions.

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