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83 ? 89 ? 34777 DEV. È1223 E N T E R 1 T O STOP 2 TO A D D MORE READINGS TO THIS SET 3 FOR NEW SET OF DATA ? 2 ENTER EACH NEW READING, -999 TO END: ? 56 ? 87 ? 41 ? 98 ? 12 ? 58 RESULTS OF THIS SET OF READINGS: 5 MEAN: PROBABLE RANGE: RESULTS OF TOTAL READINGS: D E V . 81223 S T A N D A R D D E V . 10251 S T A N D A R D D E V . 784 ENTER 1 TO STOP 2 TO ADD MORE READINGS TO THIS 3 FOR NEW SET OF DATA SET ? 3734 NUMBERS: NUMBERS:" 29 30 B A S I C Soil Mechanics Program notes (1) The program starts by offering the user the choice of entering a new set of data or adding more information to a previous set of data.

In addition to calculating the final total amount of settlement, an estimate is often needed of the rate at which settlement will occur. This will depend on the ease with which water can drain from the loaded soil, allowing excess pore pressures to dissipate and consolidation to occur. With coarse grained soils drainage will be so rapid that consolidation settlements will usually occur during the course of construction and in any case will probably be fairly small. With fine grained soils consolidation settlements may continue for months or years and have a considerable effect on the performance of the completed works.

4 Analysis of particle size distribution Write a program to analyse the results of a sieve analysis of a coarse grained soil. The measurements made during the test are the dry weights of the material retained on each of a successively finer set of sieves as the sample of soil is shaken through the stack of sieves. 3. 4. 5 ? 2 SIEVE SIZE (MM): 20 ? 8 SIEVE SIZE (MM): 14 ? 3 ? 35 ? 18 ? 6 ? 3 ? 5 Statistical analysis of test results 27 ? 063 ? 19-3 WEIGHT IN COLLECTOR: ? 2829 ENTER 0 TO STOP, 1 FOR MORE DATA ?

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