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By John Pohl

In accordance with one well known picture, the Aztec military was once a ruthless and effective warfare laptop, that verified an empire by way of convincingly overwhelming its buddies, sacrificing millions to bloodthirsty gods alongside the best way.

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Eust. 156, 35 sqq. ; sch. ); Su. ß 256, 291; Ap. S. 51,15; sch. T et D ad «P 202; Lex. Rhet. A. G. ; Hsch. ß 558, 559, 560, 562; Hrd. ad O 338, Cath. Pros. , Orth. II 490,11 sqq. 3 le. supplevi 4 ßeßtiKevai — öSeüeaOai: pone 10-18 (sch. D infra), om. , Erbse, Chantraine (Dict. Etym. s. v. ßaivco, p. 157): cf. infra 19, test. (h) 6 oöpavöv: "OXüHJtov Helck p. 9, cf. 22 (et Eust. 156, 38; EM 196, 28), v. comm. n. 18 1 0 - 1 9 textum scholii D ipse constitui ex codd. Ven. Graec. 822 (olim Marc. gr.

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