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By Dr. Nicholas James Strausfeld (auth.), Dr. Nicholas James Strausfeld (eds.)

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The genus Bacillw; has an extended historical past of value, either from an financial perspective and as a resource of experimental microorganisms. This quantity severely experiences facets of id, molecular biology, and progress which are of impor­ tance for the present and expected destiny exploitation of contributors of this staff.

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2 Levels shown in coordinate system, Chap. 4. 8 ; location of visual neuropils. 0 ; the passage of antennal nerves to deuterocerebral first order neuropil.

10 Category II: complex multipolar internuncial. Three distinct sets of processes, each characterised by a different constellation of specialisations, converge to the mother fibre. An extension of the mother fibre resides outside the central body in sensory neuropil (c. erythrocephala). 11 Category II: complex short axoned intrinsic cell of the medulla. The same form of cell has been seen on several occasions, and similar gestalts are present in other species of Diptera. Note especially the small group of clasped appendages (arrowed) that embrace the terminal of one single long visual fibre.

Text continued) 2 Category I: "monopolar" first order interneuron of the visual system (Coenagrion puella). This is a simple bipolar neuron, with tri-stratified dendritic configurations. Note the tuft of apical dendrites from the perikaryon. This is one very rare example of a multipolar perikaryon. 3 Category I: a second order visual interneuron (M. domestica) with unistratified-diffuse dendrites, short axon collaterals and simple club terminal. 14 Category IV: complex anaxonal cell. Note the several distinct forms of arborisations and specialisations derived from one cell body, and the absence of a single axon-like fibre.

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