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120. " 121. Shivhei ha-besht, no. 187. See Ben-Amos and Mintz, In Praise of the Ba'al Shem Tov, 196-97. 122. ,. "See Werblowsky,Joseph Karo, 73. 123. SH, f. Ib. A Jew can become an apostate;a demon can appearto the Jews disguisedas a scribeor even as a ba'al shem;good angels become evil as a resultof a mere change of the orderof lettersin theirnames. 125 The permeabilityof the antitheticalrealms representsa constant threatto simple folk. As in the case of Macbeth'switches, it is difficult, if at all possible, to distinguishbetweenfairandfoul in Hillel's shamanicbeliefs.

Cohen is a sailor,and he takes Glyceraon his ship to his Greekisland,where he shows her thathe is bereft of the family childhood home and tells her aboutthe dead Glycera. Glyceradoes not know that her Nazi grandfatherlives in hiding. Joachimis the son of a Jewishwomanwho is a survivorof the Holocaustand who marrieda formerNazi guardin Matthausen, the camp where Glycera's father was imprisoned. Joachim's mother dies, bequeathingto Joachimher last wish, which commandshim to avenge Nazi crimes. To fulfill his mother'swish, Joachimorganizesa gang to huntNazis and gets implicated in terroristactivities.

111. "See SH, f. 74b. " Due to this twofold purpose, SH combined the vademecumof a practicalkabbalistand a personalconfession. V. 114He identifies two reasonsfor this. He claims that all the printed books had been merely copied from SH, which remainedunknown until Hillel Ba'al Shem obtainedthe privilege to disclose it. However,Hillel did not have a maggid-a mystical teacher;a double, like Yosef Karo'smaggid mesharim"115 to secretly convey to him the contents of the book. 116 Twolegends cover the origins of SH.

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