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By T. C. Hsu, Kurt Benirschke (auth.)

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The genus Bacillw; has a protracted heritage of value, either from an monetary standpoint and as a resource of experimental microorganisms. This quantity severely stories features of id, molecular biology, and development which are of impor­ tance for the present and expected destiny exploitation of individuals of this team.

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Mamma1ian Chromosomes Newsletter 12:86, 1971. " .... x I ae 1\0 ... •• •• •• "JI -"-1\ AI 11 , 11 1I 11 I x y I i\ • " no ". • " x x Volume 8, Folio 358,1974 © 1974 by Springer Science+Business Media New York Order: RODENTIA Family: SCIURIDAE Hylopetes alboniger alboniger (Arrow-tailed Bying squirrel) 2n=38 Volume 8, Folio 359,1974 Order: RODENTIA Family: SCIURIDAE Hylopetes alboniger alboniger (Arrow-tailed flying squirrel) 2n=38 AUTOSOMES: 24 Metacentrics and submetacentrics 12 Acrocentrics and subtelocentrics SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Subtelocentric Y Subtelocentric These karyotypes are gifts of Drs.

S. Garg, Varanasi, India. That of the male was prepared from cells of a spleen culture and that of the female, lymphocyte culture. The specimens were collected from Singell Tea Estate near Ambootia, Darjeeling, India at an altitude of 4,500 ft. Secondary constrictions are evident in many autosomes. Blocks of late replicating DNA were identified by autoradiography. Pairing is arbitrary, except for those elements with secondary constriction. The lack of homology in the tenth pair of the female was found in all metaphases and may represent adeletion involving constitutive heterochromatin.

Order: EDENTATA Family : DASYPODIDAE Chaetophractus villosus (Hairy armadillo, peludo) 2n=60 I • • • I n ,. AA 4111. X Xx I I II tl. A• •• n .... ) The karyotypes are gifts of Dr. A. Puget (Tou1ouse, France) who prepared these p1ates from 1ymphocyte cu1tures of anima1s captured in Afghanistan. The karyotypes and the idiogram of the present specimens were found to be identica1 to that reported by Nad1er et a1. (1969). REFERENCES : 1) Puget, A. : Etude du caryotype de l'ochotone Ochotona rufescens rufescens.

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