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By Giovanni Barbero, Luiz Roberto Evangelista

Regardless of the big volume of phenomenological details in regards to the bulk homes of nematic section liquid crystals, little is known in regards to the foundation of the outside strength, quite the outside, interfacial, and anchoring homes of liquid crystals that impact the functionality of liquid crystal units. Self-contained and certain, Adsorption Phenomena and Anchoring power in Nematic Liquid Crystals presents an account of latest and tested effects spanning 3 a long time of analysis into the issues of anchoring strength and adsorption phenomena in liquid crystals. The e-book features a precise dialogue of the foundation and attainable assets of anchoring power in nematic liquid crystals, emphasizing the dielectric contribution to the anchoring power specifically. starting with primary floor and anchoring houses of liquid crystals and the definition of the nematic part, the authors clarify how selective ion adsorption, dielectric strength density, thickness dependence, and bias voltage dependence impact the uniform alignment of liquid crystals and have an effect on the functionality of liquid crystal units. additionally they talk about basic equations regulating the adsorption phenomenon and the dynamic elements of ion adsorption phenomenon in liquid crystalline platforms. Adsorption Phenomena and Anchoring power in Nematic Liquid Crystals serves as a great resource of reference for graduates and researchers operating in liquid crystals, advanced fluids, condensed subject physics, statistical physics, chemical engineering, and digital engineering, in addition to supplying an invaluable basic creation to and history details at the nematic liquid crystal part.

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The associated anisotropic anchoring energy is found to be of the order of 1 erg/cm2 using reasonable values for the physical parameters characterizing usual NLC [42]. Since this anisotropic anchoring energy comes only from the NLC itself, from now on it will be called intrinsic uniform and denoted by Wiu [40]. The extrapolation length connected to this energy is defined as Liu = Kb /Wiu , with Kb being the bulk value of the average Frank elastic constant. Let us now analyze all the possible contributions to the anisotropic part of the surface energy, and evaluate them in the framework of the MaierSaupe model [43].

83) it follows that F is given by F = π2 K . 91) This equation shows that in the strong anchoring case F diverges in the limit d → 0. The same result is found in the general case where K11 = K33 . In the strong anchoring situation, the NLC is distorted for any sample thickness. 2 Example 2: Fr´ eedericksz transition–strong anchoring The Fr´eedericksz transition in a uniform sample is a well-known effect described in many textbooks [1, 3]. It is a transition of orientation in NLC induced by an external field.

98), ξ is the coherence length of the medium in the NLC phase [51]. 99) as shown in Refs. [35] and [50]. It follows that a spatial variation of K is expected in a surface layer whose thickness is of the order of ξ. This is a new contribution which is usually neglected in the pseudo-molecular approach. However, Eq. 93) remains valid because it was obtained without any assumptions on the source of the K(z) term [36]. Hence, instead of Eq. 100) Kb e−z/b ][1 + ∆e−z/ξ ]2 2 obtained by Eq. 99) taking into account Eq.

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