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P. C. Cohoon, and Edmund H. Perkins. ”54 Throughout the 1859 campaign Godwin’s editorials stoked the flames of political animosity that were threatening to divide the white community of Pasquotank further. ” Godwin asked. “Does not this continued shifting and turning show . . ”55 The Pioneer concisely summed up the principal attack on the Opposition/Whigs made by Henry Shaw throughout the campaign: “They . . ”56 Shaw, Godwin, and the other Democrats even pointed to the platform of the Opposition/ Whigs as evidence of their lack of political backbone.

Now’s the day and now’s the hour for work; the time for Action has come. Are you ready? 59 Even by southern standards this was a particularly militant editorial. While this passage reads like editorial posturing, it also highlights deep existing political divisions and animosity in the white community, divisions that would make the potential for home-front violence during the war that much greater. Despite strenuous efforts by Democrats to sway the Pasquotank electorate, the congressional campaign of 1859 confirmed the overwhelming strength of the old Whig Party membership in Pasquotank and demonstrated a strong political conservatism among many voters in northeastern North Carolina.

H. Smith, an Opposition/Whig from Hertford County. Smith was a strong supporter of slavery but also a staunch opponent of disunion during the late 1850s. During the campaign, Smith attacked Shaw on two major issues. The first was the Pacific Railroad bill proposed by President James Buchanan. Smith alleged that this legislation if approved would cost American taxpayers thirty million dollars. 24 / executing daniel bright This piece of legislation was unpopular even among proponents of internal improvements, since taxpayers in the East would be paying for an improvement in the West that they were unlikely to benefit from directly.

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