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By Carsten Strathausen, William E. Connolly

Rich with analyses of strategies from deconstruction, structures thought, and post-Marxism, with evaluations of fundamentalist inspiration and the battle on terror, this quantity argues for constructing a philosophy of being as a way to triumph over the hindrance of postmodern relativism. Undergirding the contributions are the premises that ontology is an important proposal for philosophy at the present time, that an appropriate leftist ontology needs to stay away from the type of identification politics that has ruled contemporary cultural experiences, and new ontology has to be located inside international capitalism. A Leftist Ontology deals a well timed intervention in political philosophy, that includes many of the best voices of our time.

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BENJAMIN ROBINSON 100 III. DECONSTRUCTION/POLITICS 7. Deconstruction and Experience: The Politics of the Undeconstructable ROLAND VEGSO 125 8. Politics and the Fiction of the Political SORIN RADU-CUCU 147 9. The Last God: Maria Zambrano's Life without Texture ALBERTO MOREIRAS 170 IV. PSYCHOANALYSIS AND THE POLITICAL io. Signification and Substance: Toward a Leftist Ontology of the Present CHRISTOPHER BREU 187 ii. A Politics of Melancholia KLAUS MLADEK and GEORGE EDMONDSON 208 Afterword: Thinking, Being, Acting; or, On the Uses and Disadvantages of Ontology for Politics BRUNO BOSTEELS 235 Acknowledgments 253 Contributors 255 Index 259 The Left and Ontopolitics WILLIAM E.

Hence, every conflict within the system inevitably becomes a conflict about the system, thus calling into question the historical validity of the normative foundations that constitute it. What is commonly called the "ontology of the political" thus ceases to be the neutral ground upon which "leftist," "centrist," or "rightist" perspectives meet and try to come to terms with each other. Instead, political struggle is ontological in the sense that it constructs the very nature of this allegedly neutral ground.

Deleuze and Guattari explore creative intersections between micropolitics and macropolitics. Deleuze and Guattari, holding that the dialectic fits being like loose clothing, nonetheless display debts to the structure and aspirations of classical Marxism. They fold revised conceptions of nature, time, and politics into that schema. A series of other such attempts is identified in this book as the authors respond to Jameson, Derrida, Foucault, Hardt/Negri, and Laclau. Perhaps it is also important to learn from the politics of the recent past as we assess the contemporary promise and limits of nineteenth-century Marxism.

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