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By Maureen Smith

Journalist Riley Kane has lengthy suspected that the loss of life of her fiance, Trevor, a San Antonio police officer, used to be now not an easy twist of fate. the single one that can discover the reality approximately Trevor is his former companion, Noah Roarke. yet innovations of Noah fill Riley with to blame longing. Noah saved his distance from attractive, tempting Riley whereas Trevor was once alive. Now she's again, in his office-and in his fingers. Blindsided by means of the warmth that surges among them, Noah tells himself that the earlier he is helping Riley locate closure, the earlier she will be able to go away city. yet getting her out of his procedure -- and out of his center -- will not be that easy...

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Yes, loss. She’d worked especially hard on that one. After all, she and Noah had never been very close. She couldn’t lose something she’d never really had. So, just as she’d worked through those painful issues, she would also get over her unwanted attraction to Noah. Attraction, that’s all it was. Nothing deeper than that. And, as inconvenient and embarrassing as it was, what she felt was perfectly normal. She hadn’t been with another man since losing Trevor. After enjoying a healthy physical relationship with her fiancé, three years was a long time to go without having sex.

Look, Riley, I know how difficult these past three years have been for—” “I didn’t come here to cry on your shoulder, Noah. ” She was surprised by the bitterness she heard in her own voice. So was Noah, apparently. For several moments he didn’t say a word. ” She turned slowly to face him. “I think it’s possible Trevor already knew Conrad Weiss. ” Noah couldn’t have looked more stunned if she’d announced she was giving birth to his baby by Immaculate Conception. ” he whispered. ” Riley hesitated, biting her bottom lip.

Noah Roarke. Trevor’s best friend and former partner on the police force. A man who’d made it perfectly clear to Riley that he wanted nothing to do with her. She closed her eyes for a moment, her hands tightening reflexively on the steering wheel. Even after all these years, Noah Roarke’s aversion to her remained a mystery. He and Trevor had been friends since childhood. They’d attended the same college, graduated from the police academy at the same time, and had been assigned partners. As Trevor’s girlfriend—and then fiancée—Riley had always hoped, and expected, that she and Noah would become friends.

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