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By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The fast works of Dostoevsky exist within the very huge shadow of his fabulous longer novels, yet they too are between literature's so much respected works and supply keys to figuring out the topics in his longer works. Contained during this quantity are the fast tales "White Nights," "A Disgraceful Affair," and "The Dream of the Ridiculous Man," 3 of Dostoevsky's so much troubling, relocating, and poignant works. along A DISGRACEFUL AFFAIR, Harper Perennial will put up the fast fiction of Stephen Crane, Herman Melville, Willa Cather, Leo Tolstoy, and Oscar Wilde to be packaged in a superbly designed, boldly colourful boxset within the goal to draw modern lovers of brief fiction to those respected masters of the shape. additionally, in each one of those decisions will look a narrative from one of many new collections being released in 2009. a narrative from Barb Johnson's coming near near assortment could be published behind this quantity.

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WHITE NIGHTS // 53 But how beautiful people are when they are gay and happy! How brimful of love their hearts are! It is as though they wanted to pour their hearts into the heart of another human being, as though they wanted the whole world to be gay and laugh with them. And how infectious that gaiety is! There was so much joy in her words yesterday, so much goodness in her heart towards me. How sweet she was to me, how hard she tried to be nice to me, how she comforted and soothed my heart! Oh, how sweet a woman can be to you when she is happy!

I was so afraid that he might refuse to take me! “He sat in silence for a few minutes, then he got up, went to me, and took me by the hand. “ ‘Listen to me, darling Nastenka,’ he began, also speaking through his tears, ‘I promise you solemnly that if at any time I am in a position to marry, you are the only girl in the world I would marry. I assure you that now you are the only one who could make me happy. Now, listen. I’m leaving for Moscow and I shall be away exactly one year. I hope to settle my affairs by that time.

She said, giving me her hand again. “What does it matter? We’ll meet him together. ” I cried. “Oh, Nastenka, Nastenka,” I thought, “how much you’ve said in that word! Such love, Nastenka, at certain moments makes one’s heart ache and plunges one’s spirit into gloom. Your hand is cold, but mine burns like fire. How blind you are, Nastenka! How unbearable a happy person sometimes is! ” At last my heart overflowed. ” “Why? What is it? Tell me quickly! ” she interrupted, laughing. “Yes, almost all,” I replied, making an effort to keep calm, for I already felt foolish tears starting to my eyes.

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