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By Steve Stack

A fond farewell to the numerous inanimate gadgets, cultural icons and common stuff round us that locate themselves at the verge of exctinction.

There are many millions of endangered species on this planet. should you contain animals, bugs and vegetation then approximately three species turn into extinct each hour of each day. That's virtually 27,000 a yr. each this sort of is, in fact, a tragedy yet, let's be sincere, we haven't particularly spotted. while the final Bolivian centipede pops his hundred clogs it really is unhappy yet makes bugger all distinction to our day-by-day lives. So this ebook isn't approximately them. Steve Stack in its place investigates the various inanimate items, the unsung cultural icons of society, which don't characteristic on any endangered record, don't have humans elevating cash on highway corners on their behalf, don't function in documentaries narrated through David Attenborough, yet are only as prone to develop into extinct. Many have already got. Coke can ring pulls, mobile packing containers, VHS, cassette tapes, village publish places of work, the attempt card, hand-written letters, Spangles, vintage small screen television advertisements of yesteryear, Whizzer & Chips - all of those and plenty of many extra are bid a fond farewell during this affectionate, yet a bit of irreverent tribute.

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