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He had never taken deliberate chances as Byron did, but he had never declined a necessary risk. He had followed wounded lions into thick bush and faced charging buffalo with steady nerves, but this uncertainty ate at his courage, the sensation of being watched from the dark devoured his confidence, and he knew he would soon begin to make mistakes; knew he could afford no mistakes; began to believe that Byron had been right, that he had lost his skill and grown soft. It was necessary to force himself away from the warmth of the hotel as night fell, and he had no willing determination left - only the lever of pride to keep him at his quest.

He was amazed that his preoccupation, even with the pursuit of success, had left him in his position. 'I'd better be off now,' he said, sliding from the stool. ' Bruce asked. Rose nodded unhappily. ' 'Don't do no good to be careful,' Grant said. Rose looked at him nervously. 'You won't see it coming. That's 'cause it don't come at you on the ground, see. It can suddenly pop up right under your feet. That's the way they get you. Pop! Just like that. One minute you're all alone, the next it's got you.

His brain was screaming too loud to hear. He stumbled, but was running too fast to fall; came crashing up against the phone box and yanked the door open; hurled himself inside this cubicle sanctuary of society and pulled the door closed behind him. Something slammed against the closing door with violent fury. Rose was still controlled by his instincts, and they were the instincts of civilized man. He had already jammed his finger in the dial and lifted the receiver to call for impossible salvation, when the door sprang open behind him, and Aaron Rose was drawn down with his finger still hooked in the dial… Wetherby came to the top of the ridge beside a mound of rocks and stood there, looking down.

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